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P & W Digital

Our vision is to use what expertise and experience we have in order to ensure customer satisfaction and to grow this company to unrivaled heights. As we realize the need for service excellence in an unregulated industry such as this, we want to set a standard that people should expect and get used to.


“This was one of the most effective, neat and professional technicians we have ever had on our campus.”

B.Van Zyl
UNISA Project Manager

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We aim to provide the ultimate and complete all-in-one solution to our clients, to ensure everybody from the farmer, developer, home owner or warehouse manager only deals with one company for all his security, SMATV and technological needs, a true turnkey solution.

Our Services

Our Services

We are a leading Security and Multimedia Solutions firm that has been in the industry since 1999.

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CCTV & Security

We provide sales, design and installation of several well known CCTV and electric fence as well as access control products in the market


We have accreditation and experience in commercial as well as home DSTV and TV sales and installation.

Cell Reception & Boosters

We provide consultation and assessment of cellular signal problems for businesses as well as individuals. We also install solutions to solve such issues.

Internet of Things

We stock and supply over 80 different types of wireless sensors that connect to the cloud for real time condition monitoring in various sectors.

Fiber Optics

We have accreditation and experience in design and installation of Fiber optic systems and splicing of networks as well as long haul fiber.

UPS Sales and

We stock, supply and install various power backup solutions as well as lightning and surge protectors for commercial and home needs.

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