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Technology Solutions
for Your Industry


We have the technology to streamline and manage agriculture with IoT solutions which empowers the farmer to monitor everything from water levels and temperature to soil moisture levels from a user friendly central software platform. We can even enable remote device control where needed.


In today's competitive market there is very little room for error especially when it comes to cold storage or export markets.

We can provide warehouse owners the convenience and safety of remotely monitoring the conditions in any storage location 24hrs a day to ensure your product stays fresh and is not damaged due to unwanted cooling unit break downs.

Security & Access Control

Whether you need a new turnkey CCTV solution with a control room or boom gates with biometric and facial scanners we can provide you with a solution. We have worked in malls and universities across the country. No job is too big or small. 

Property Management

As a property or building manager you need to have up to date and live feedback of the condition of your facilities including alerts to water leaks which can be catastrophic as well as air quality and temperature when needed.

We have a wide arrange of sensors(+-80) currently that can monitor live conditions of everything from power breakdowns to water leaks and air quality to ensure you do not get costly and unnecessary tenant complaints.


We have various solutions when it comes to board room projector and screen installations as well as sound insulation and deadening to reduce echo and "booming" of voices inside a boardroom setting. We have done work for BMW as well as Investec.


We have worked in several large and well known malls across Gauteng providing solutions from control room to CCTV as well as panic buttons for individual store owners.

Contact us to see how we can accommodate your unique needs.


We were privileged enough to design and install the Satellite and TV system for the 4 Royal suites at the Lost City resort in North West.

We also ran the complete distribution and installation of the TV and satellite installation for the prestigious Million Dollar golf tournament at Sun City for 2 years in a row.

We can design any commercial TV distribution system or convert your existing ageing system to a modern IP or Fiber Optic based solution.


We have the expertise to supply and coordinate a multimedia solution for events such as the soccer world cup where we installed Satellite and fiber connections for ESPN USA at soccer city and Sony at the Mandela square in Sandton in 2010.

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