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UPS Sales and 

We are all too aware of the current energy crisis in this country and as such the frustration that comes with losing data or business downtime as a result of such power interruptions.

We supply and install a range of UPS and power solutions to suit your individual or business needs.

Unfortunately there is a lot of so called electricians or service providers out in the industry that often does not even know the difference between a UPS or an inverter and as such give clients the wrong and expensive solution.

As the owner has extensive experience not only in studying electronic engineering but also in repairing and modifying UPS systems you can rest assured that you will get the best technical advise available.

We can also look at repairing or upgrading older UPS's which is no longer operational.

We also stock a range of lightning protection equipment which will ensure your appliances stay protected during power surges and storms.

Please see our download section for further explanation on how UPS's and inverters differ in nature.

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