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Internet of Things

This is currently one of the most exciting and fastest growing fields of technology worldwide.

We stock the ALTA sensors with the Monnit software solution.

We also have the Sigfox range of devices for a more affordable solution.

What IoT devices basically do is enable us to wireless monitor a vast array of environmental and device conditions from remote locations.

How does it work:

  1. Choose a Sensor-Over 80 sensors available-300m wireless range

  2. Choose a Gateway-Cellular, Ethernet or USB-Up to 100 sensors per gateway.

  3. Choose correct monitoring software or app

  4. We setup and deliver the device to the client or alternatively courier it to you as it is a plug and play from there.

The devices have an average battery life of 5 to 7 years and is very robust.

We can even supply a mill spec IP67 rated unit as is used in harsh  mining operations.

Devices are used by farmers and store owners as well as facility managers and warehouses where temperature and moisture is critical.

Please see our downloads page to learn more about which solution is correct for your application.

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